• Yusach Dani Dubu STT Bethel Indonesia Jakarta
  • Jefri Hosea Pandiangan STT Bethel Indonesia Jakarta
  • Pudjo Sutoto STT Bethel Indonesia Jakarta


This study examines the role of pastoral counseling in the recovery of drug addicts who lack a father figure, with a focus on the psychosocial impacts of fatherlessness. Through a qualitative approach and library research, this research collected and analyzed data from relevant literature to gain a deep understanding of effective practices in recovery. The results show that pastoral counseling, through methods such as supportive-counseling, confrontational-counseling, educative-counseling, spiritual-counseling, and preventive-counseling, is effective in addressing the feelings of loss and incompleteness experienced by personal without a father figure. The study also highlights the importance of the religious community in providing empathetic and comprehensive support, as well as in developing mentorship programs and pastoral training to enhance intervention quality. Pastoral counseling not only strengthens physical recovery but also supports ongoing emotional and spiritual growth, which is crucial for long-term recovery.


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