• Andreas Budi Setyobekti STT Bethel Indonesia Jakarta
  • Anggi Maringan Hasiholan STT Bethel Indonesia Jakarta
  • Avchand Charli Mogontha STT Bethel Indonesia Jakarta


The afterlife is a topic that continues to invite theological and philosophical debate, particularly in the context of Christianity, which is influenced by ecclesiastical doctrines. This research evaluates the views of Peter van Inwagen, who proposes that personal identity and survival after death are explained through the connection with the physical body, a concept referred to as "Christian Materialism." Van Inwagen argues that survival after death does not require a continuing non-physical soul, but instead depends on the physical restoration of the body. This study employs a qualitative descriptive method with text analysis and conceptual critique, comparing van Inwagen's theory with alternative theories from relevant philosophical and theological literature. The results show that van Inwagen's view faces significant criticism for replacing the traditional concept of the soul with a theory of physical resurrection, raising questions about how personal identity and consciousness are maintained after death, and the theological implications of rejecting the dualism of soul and body.


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