Karakteristik Pendidikan Iman dalam Pentakostalisme

  • Amos Hosea
Keywords: Karakteristik, Gereja, Pentakostalisme, Pemimpin


The characteristics of faith education in Pentecostal churches are illustrated in this paper. Characteristics that further emphasize
the process of discipleship in the church, education that produces new leaders, education that makes church growth, education referred
to as the new apostolic church pattern and non-formal education described in the nature of this paper. These five characteristics
form the basis for pentecostalism to develop into a denominational church whose growth is quite rapid until now.
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Amos Hosea. (2019). Karakteristik Pendidikan Iman dalam Pentakostalisme. Diegesis : Jurnal Teologi, 4(2), 51-57. https://doi.org/10.46933/DGS.vol4i251-57